Monday, July 9, 2012

Whistler, aka heaven

I had my first trip of the summer to the Whistler Bike Park! It always feels like going home every time I'm in Whistler - so many amazing memories there. I went after work with a couple buddies to camp overnight and then we biked all day. The bike park is so much fun because you ride the lift up the mountain and then bike down. You are able to get so many more runs in when you don't have to pedal up the mountain!

We were fortunate to catch a window of good weather. The forecast was an 80% chance of rain, but we had sunny skies the whole time we were biking. About 30 minutes after we finished it started dumping rain while we were out to dinner. Perfect timing!

Only half of the mountain was open because there was still a lot of snow up top, but the trails we rode were in great condition. Plus we saw 3 bears, 2 deer and 1 rabbit while we were riding. 

Here is our campsite - the ground was a little rocky but otherwise nice
 Amazing view from the campsite!
 Good morning sunshine!
 Today is looking up :)
 Aaron prepping the bikes - ready to ride!
 Hello mister bear...let me just back up now...
 beautiful views from the top of the mountain
 being a goof - this trail does not live up to its name unfortunately

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